Model Film Agreement Contract


Additional Documents

Owner agrees to execute, acknowledge and deliver expeditiously to Purchaser and to procure the execution, acknowledgment and delivery to Purchaser of any reasonable industry standard, additional documents or instruments consistent with this Agreement which Purchaser may reasonably require to fully effectuate and carry out the intent and purposes of this Agreement.  If Owner shall fail to execute, acknowledge or deliver to Purchaser any agreements, assignments or other instruments to be executed, acknowledged and delivered by Owner hereunder, then Purchaser is hereby irrevocably appointed Owner's attorney-in-fact with full right, power, and authority to execute, acknowledge and deliver the same in the name of and on behalf of Owner, and Owner acknowledges that the authority and agency given Purchaser, is a power coupled with an interest and irrevocable.

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Since banks, networks, and other third parties might insist upon additional documents or legal instruments, this provision requires the Owner to sign additional documents as the Purchaser may need to exploit the rights they have under the option agreement. It also gives the Purchaser the ability to sign these documents on the Owner's behalf if the Owner fails to do so.