Model Film Agreement Contract


Additional Provisions

    1. Writing Services: Purchaser will give good faith consideration to employing Owner to write such sermons as are to be contained in the Screenplay, if any.  If Purchaser so elects, Owner and Purchaser hereby agree to negotiate in good faith the terms of such writing services.

    1. Consultation:  Purchaser shall consult with Owner regarding the writer of the Screenplay, in the event such writer is not __________.

    1. Tie-ins:  Purchaser will use commercially reasonable efforts to coordinate any tie-in edition with the publisher of the Property, including without limitation by providing publisher with artwork from the Picture for use in connection with such tie-in.

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    Writing and Consultation Services: This is an opportunity for the author of the Property to provide additional writing or consultation services for the project. Where a Property is nonfiction or involves a particular specialty or unique experiences, the Owner might want to retain some level of ongoing involvement and influence on the project as a writer or consultant, and can negotiate and set this involvement out in this paragraph. This paragraph also gives the Owner the right to consult with the Producer regarding the writer of the screenplay.