Model Film Agreement Contract



    1. Owner shall not, individually or by means of press agents or publicity or advertising agencies, employed or paid by Owner or otherwise, circulate, publish or otherwise disseminate any news stories or articles, books, photographs, or other publicity, or material, relating directly to the subject matter of this Agreement, or the Picture, unless the same are first approved in writing by Purchaser.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, Owner may release publicity about Owner which makes non-derogatory incidental reference to the Picture and/or the option of the Property by Purchaser.

    1. Owner agrees to give due consideration to Purchaser's reasonable requests that Owner shall perform reasonable promotion and publicity services with respect to the Picture including, without limitation, the making and exploitation of so-called "behind the scenes" motion picture documentaries, and electronic press kits, subject to Owner's availability.  Such services shall not be separately compensated.

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    The Owner's efforts to publicize the Picture shall be subject to the Purchaser's prior written approval. The Owner agrees to "give due consideration" to the Purchaser's reasonable requests for the Owner to perform promotion and publicity services (including "behind the scenes" documentaries).