I've worked in the media industry for almost 18 years. Many of my articles have been published in regional and international media outlets such as 'CNN Arabia', 'Huffington Post Arabic', 'Independent Arabia', “Vice Arabia”, 'Assafir', and others.
My 25-documentary works have also been aired on leading channels such as Al Jazeera,
Araby TV, and Al Mayadeen. I am a regular guest on television networks as a media and technology researcher.
Producing precise research-based content is my main passion.
My media competence spans the creation of all types of content, the development,
and management of media campaigns, the management of production teams, and media training.
I have a TV journalism diploma and am currently pursuing a master's degree in organizational psychology.
In addition, I am an Al Jazeera Media Center award-winning journalist for the best story in the year 2020.
My essay was chosen for inclusion in the "Hostwriter" book "Unbias the News," one of the most impactful journalism books of 2019.
I serve as an ambassador for a number of international organizations (both American and European) concerned with cross-border media and new technology. I have about 200K followers on social media.