Cynthia Herbert-Bruschi Adams began her career in academia where she is now a Professor Emerita from the University of Connecticut and a retired psychologist. Her early writing was journal articles, textbooks and trade books in health related areas. In 2019 she published Italian Spices: A Memoir about the Italian side of her family. The Farmhouse on Cemetery Hill Road was her first novel. In 2021 she published its sequel, The Portal and then completed this trilogy with Ah, Grace! Her short story, If you Met Him Today was selected for an anthology, A Feast of Narrative, volume 3, Dossena, 2020; and Were Pups THE HORROR ZINES’S BOOK OF WEREWOLF STORIES was published in 2022. She is currently completing an historical novel based on the lives of family members in Slovenia during WWII titled: The Red Toque: Love and Loss in the Time of Tito.
While at the University of Connecticut, Professor Adams was Associate Dean of the School of Allied Health and worked in the Office of International and Multicultural Affairs. She produced women’s health and diabetes conferences held throughout the State of Connecticut. Her textbook, Therapeutic Communication for Health Professionals with Peter D. Jones, MD is still in print and has been used widely throughout the United States since the early 1980s.

Other Works

  • The Portal

  • Ah, Grace!

  • The Farmhouse on Cemetery Hill Rd.

  • Italian Spices: A Memoir