Veronica Park (aka VP Anderson) she/they is a bi-furious, neurodivergent, feminist millennial writer with a resume that would make the Dos Equis guy jealous. In her teens, she was an award-winning poet, PBS after-school special and stage actor, and two-time national finalist in marketing strategy for DECA. Sometimes, she draws and paints creepy portraits.

In her twenties, V worked as an indie film producer and broadcast/print journalist, before running away to work/live abroad on cruise ships as a professional lecturer and brand ambassador for international labels. After a few years living in the Caribbean, she moved to New York to work in publishing. Key titles (so far) include: producer, acquisitions editor, platform consultant, anthology curator, director of PR, and literary agent. She is also the founder/CEO of VPA Consulting, a firm specializing in praxis consulting for creative startups and nonprofits.

Born in Alaska and (mostly) raised in Oregon, V has lived and worked in over a dozen states, on four islands, and three countries. She currently resides in Upstate New York with her partner, an excessive collection of books, a weedy garden, and two cats named Skeletor and Bo-Kittan.

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