I am a retired risk manager that has had a tumultuous if not always successful, career. This challenging experience over almost five decades has provided a unique and well articulated perspective. The old saying that if it does not kill you it will make you stronger applies. That crucible served to prepare me for times such as these.

Tired of endless travel and having the answers no one would implement for improvement I chose to retire. To stay active I took a part time as a cashier at Home Depot. That became the genesis for my writing. People with difficult lives living them in an extraordinary manner.

What has been written was written through but not by me. I have be never written a line of poetry in my life. The Ode is a 2500 quatrain poem about working at Depot and much more.

The author and owner of this work is my Lord. Hew brought me into His Kingdom one night by literally pulling my congenitally short leg to a proper and matching length. I have never recovered. Why He had and chose me to do this remains a complete mystery and for what equally so. I am but His Steward and humbly so.

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