In Liberty in America: Past, Present, and Future, renowned dentist and health policy expert
Dr. Bill Choby presents how America, as the empire of liberty, has achieved freedom
through the Godliness and goodness of its citizens.
Providing an essential insight into America’s past, it demonstrates how the country’s great
forefathers fought against an oppressive government and sought freedom from political
bondage through their selflessness and God-fearing personalities.
Dr. Chobi also seeks to distinguish liberalism from liberty and define what true liberty
is by highlighting what made the American government unique in all of history—faith,
courage, discipline, and personal sacrifice.
In this book, he offers the ongoing challenges faced by freedom in the present and how
the American people can secure the blessings of liberty for the future generation.
Although Dr. Bill Choby is a practicing implant surgeon and dentist in Greensburg, PA.
, he also has been a first-person re-enactor of a middle-aged Col. George Washington
reflecting on his adventures during the French and Indian War. The connection between
Col. Washington and Dr. Choby is a common interest for mounted fox hunting, a love
of God and country, and a nearly identical physical stature of 6’3” and 225 lbs. The
euphoria rush of galloping over hill and dale in pursuit of a pack of hounds is a treasured
shared experience with G.W.
As Col. Washington, Bill has been a frequent sight riding his horse in the Fort Ligonier
Days parades. Bill has given first-person presentations at school assemblies, Pennsylvania’s
Military Museum, civic luncheons, church assemblies, tea parties, and the numerous reenactments
commemorating the French and Indian War in Western Pennsylvania. Bill was
also the standing model for John Buxton’s 250th anniversary commemorative painting
of Washington crossing the Allegheny River in December of 1753. Bill’s replica uniform
was custom made from an actual portrait of Col. Washington by Charles Wilson Peale
painted in 1772. Bill added his own custom riding boots just like George would have used.