Monique Daigneault is the President and CEO of MD Consulting, where she works as an executive coach with over three decades of experience developing corporate executives into successful leaders ready to change company cultures. She has achieved seven business certifications, an Associate and Bachelor of Science in Management, a Master of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and is an Accredited Master Coach. She is also a contributing author to the best seller, Ophelia’s Mom, and the self-published collaboration How to Win and Keep Clients. Monique is a multidimensional individual who has worn many hats throughout her 57 years: high school dropout, corporate employee, successful three-time entrepreneur, empowered trauma survivor, resilient single parent of two daughters and grandmother of four, international volunteer, health & wellness advocate, competitive bodybuilder, former Catholic, current Buddhist, Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), and inspiring author. But most of all, she is a human being on a continuous journey of transformation who uses her life experience to shift behavior in the workplace.

She is currently pitching her newest book to publishers.

LEADING IN CAPTIVITY: A SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR CORPORATE EXECUTIVES is a powerful self-help book with a distinctive leadership development angle. It provides a scalable, easily consumable process to help well-intentioned leaders heal from previous personal trauma, navigate current workplace micro trauma, support their teams through debilitating corporate culture, and grow into dynamic, successful corporate leaders. Toxicity in the workplace and within teams is only increasing as companies struggle to transition to a post-COVID 19 remote work situation. These challenging, unstable times have stretched companies and their leaders beyond their capacity, and they do not know how to maintain a balance of authority, empathy, compassion, and assertiveness toward their coworkers, much less continue their own career trajectory. This book gives readers the tools they need to address their personal shortcomings and emerge from these unprecedented times as well-rounded, self-assured leaders.

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