I’ve been an Indian rights attorney by trade for 37 years, now mostly retired. Also serve on the Supreme Court of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska for about 25 years. I started writing poetry as a teenager in North Dakota.

I’ve written 6 books. The first is a 900 page 2 volume set on the history of tribal courts in Wisconsin, printed by the U. of Wisconsin. Then I created a small publishing company called Sandyhouse Press. Through that I’ve published 5 books of my own and a few for friends. The five of my own include:
You Should Write that Down. (True stories from my career and travels)
Them Apples. (Poetry)
Rants and Riffs. (Essays with attitudes)
Elbow Room. (Poetry)
Imageries. (Co-authored with Steve Stolee, my epigrams with his photography)

I’m mostly retired other than my work on the Winnebago Supreme Court and some volunteer legal advising for the Indigenous Peyote Conservation Initiative. I live at the end of a road in north central Wisconsin along the banks of Big Sandy Creek with my starter wife of 42 years, within a couple hours of our kids and grandkids. I enjoy assisting other authors and might write another book.

Other Works