Lyndsey Zhang has extensive corporate experience working with Western and Chinese multinational companies in automation manufacturing, clean and renewable energies, and solar technology sectors. She has held CFO and VP of Strategy positions with Chinese companies and has served on boards of directors in executive and non-executive leadership positions. In those roles, Lyndsey directed global expansion projects, fundraised on Hong Kong’s Stock Exchange, managed cross-border mergers and acquisitions in European countries, and developed post-acquisition strategies for US-based corporations, all of which have placed her – as a Chinese native living in the West - in a unique position to understand the opportunities and challenges for Chinese multinationals and their global partners.

As an advocate for good corporate governance and ESG practices, Lyndsey hosts Boardroom&Beyond podcast shows “Corporate Governance Around the World” and “ESG In Action”, where she discusses these topics with guest speakers and renders expert opinions. Lyndsey also shares subject matter knowledge during speaking engagements for a variety of business and civic organizations. Her articles regarding corporate governance and ESG topics are regularly published on Governance magazine in the UK and Global Finance magazine in the US.

Lyndsey is an Illinois-licensed CPA and possesses a certified Independent Board Director certificate from Harvard University. She received her Master of Science in Accountancy from Illinois State University and Bachelor of Science in Economics from Xiamen University in China. She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Reading, Henley Business School, where she conducts corporate governance and ESG research.

Lyndsey lives with her husband in the Chicago area and is a long-time yoga practitioner and avid runner. She believes that the balancing spirits of both yoga and running apply to personal and professional goals, and lives by the maxim “never giving up can make what appears impossible, possible”.

Visit her website www.boardroomandbeyond.com; follow her on twitter @lyndsey_zhang and linkedin.

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