I've always had an interest in telling stories. In school during creative writing, my teachers would praise my many strange and different works. Highschool was a different story, creative writing falls to the side when your English teacher basically says you're a moron.
In college my creativity got another outlet for a couple years. Reading fantasy books and playing D&D. Seven years of working in retail turned me into a bit of a drone and novels became my escape. Also an amazing way to bond with my new wife, who at first had no idea how I could read the same novels more than once. She can now say she's read the Drizzt series more than I have.
Fast forward and add thirteen years working in corrections, I'm typing reports comparable in length to many books. A friend heard me tell some stories I used to craft and finally, after tooth and nail dragging, got me to start working on a novel. Between her work and a few Masterclass lectures, I finally started to seriously work towards becoming a published Author.
I've been working on a Sci-Fi tale, as well as a pair of high and low fantasy novels. I see it as a way to try and find where my talents will be best enjoyed. My first novel is very close to being submission ready and I have a short story that I am looking to submit. So, the next steps lay ahead.