Born into communist Hungary, American writer Fogarassy never expected democracy to be such a hard sell in her adoptive country. Raised in the Midwestern state of Indiana and a New Yorker since then, she focuses on the human element across the board from business to entertainment and international relations. Material for fiction, nonfiction, commercial and educational materials come from experience with firms such as the Trump Organization and 20 years on a contract basis with the United Nations.

As Editor-in-Chief of a UN Somalia Weekly during the mid-1990's intervention, Fogarassy discovered the pragmatic value of her creative flexibillity. Based on "news" brought into an enclosed compound by Somali "reporters." she wrote artcles aimed at locals, internationals, UN HQ and UN Missions around the world. The experience also impressed on her the vast gap between hands-on reality and outside perception filtered through the media. Mission Improbable: the world community on a UN compound in Somalia is her version.

Most recently, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has held her in its grip. Early memories of Soviet tanks in Budapest were recorded in the real life noval Light of a Destiny Dark based on a memoir by her mother.

Other Works