Born in Hungary, raised in the US state of Indiana, a New Yorker all her adult life. Internationalist writer of fiction, nonfiction and commercial materials. Her work focuses on the cultural context of human interests that are universal, from love and family ties to politics, social justice and the arts. Her interest in the international arena began with her personal experience as a child refugee. Commercial work in New York sharpened a perspective that grew vastly during 20 years of United Nations experience, where she worked on a contract basis to minimize bureaucratic exigencies.

Her recruitment as a creative writer for the United Nations Operation in Somalia was a major milestone in her career as a communicator. As Editor-in-Chief of a Weekly aimed at UN HQ as well as Embassies around the world, she found that the Somali people showed the greatest interest in the work done on their behalf. The experience was recounted in Mission Improbable: the world community on a UN compound in Somalia.

Other Works