I am a trained culinary professional with an MBA in Marketing and Fiance.
I started my career in Advertising working for Wells, Rich, Green and J. Walter Thompson. after that I became a Product Management n New York and worked for several CPG firms, including Chiquita Brands, Clairol and Ideal Toys.. I then went to culinary school to follow my real path at the French Culinary Institute, became a Pastry Chef, and stayed in the restaurant business for about 20 years. I owed 2 restaurants n Los Angeles became a culinary instructor for 4 years, then focused on restaurant consulting, recipe development, and food marketing. In addition to those, I am currently writing my first cookbook, The Sweet Lady Jane Cookbook, with Jane Lockhart of Sweet Lady Jane's fame.I have been writing food articles for the last ten years, some newspaper, and others ofor a pastry trade magazine in Australia. I am originally from New York, have two daughters, 20 and 22, and live in Tujunga. My passion is food and writing about it,

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