The Un-Common Raven: One Smart Bird


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Shade: A Story About a Very Smart Raven

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  • The Un-Common Raven: One Smart Bird 2013 Southwest Books of the Year A well researched and well written children's book about ravens. This book includes facts about where ravens live - the Sonoran desert, their flight patterns, intelligence, curiosity. We learn about raven's characteristics including. Written for school age children and includes index, glossary, and bibliography. Excellent choice for student research and grade school homework assignments. (Ann Dickinson) 2013 New Mexico-Arizona Book Award—One of five Finalists in the Juvenile Book category Midwest Book Review The Un-Common Raven: One Smart Bird is a softcover, nonfiction picture book about the natural life cycle of these extraordinary and intelligent birds. A brief glossary, an index, and a list of resources young people can investigate to learn more about ravens rounds out this immensely fascinating profile of this species. (James Cox, Midwest Book Reviews)

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