Dr. Dana Harron is a practicing psychologist in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington DC. She is the founder and director of Monarch Wellness & Psychotherapy, a boutique practice that specializes in mind/body problems such as eating disorders, anxiety, trauma and fertility issues . Dr. Harron enjoys working with couples and helping partners individually to understand eating disorders, find healthy boundaries and clarify communications (among other things).

Dr. Harron completed her doctorate at Widener University’s Institute for Graduate Clinical Psychology, where she was also the honored recipient of the Neubauer community service scholarship and the Empathy and Caring Award. She completed internships at the Renfrew Center and the Belmont Center, both in Philadelphia.

ince then she has engaged in a wide variety of professional activities ranging from co-leadership of a unit at the state hospital of Delaware to college counseling and eventually to private practice. She is currently dividing her time between writing, speaking, clinical supervision and direct client work.

Dr. Harron has lectured at facilities such as Temple and George Washington University (where she is also serving as associate clinical faculty). She lives in Virginia with her husband and daughter where she is an avid, but not skilled, knitter.

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