STEVE O'KEEFE is an author, editor and book industry professional who has helped hundreds of writers go from brainstorm to bestseller! Steve has worked with prison writers, Pulitzer Prize winners, college students, adult writing programs and hundreds of successful authors in both fiction and nonfiction, including such celebrated writers as Dr. Seuss, Isabel Allende, Philip Pullman, Marianne Williamson, Russell Banks and Robert Munsch.

In 2004, Steve went on a road trip to interview successful authors across America. Thanks to Hurricane Katrina, it became a new lifestyle leading to 250 interviews in 25 cities over four years. Set the Page on Fire: Secrets of Successful Writers (New World Library 2019) is based on these interviews and the analysis of thousands of pitch letters, hundreds of book proposals, and marketing campaigns for of dozens of famous writers.

Steve O'Keefe writes the "Fecalnomics" column for CounterPunch, providing an alternative view of economic issues, at https://www.counterpunch.org/author/steve-okeefe/

Other Works

  • Complete Guide to Internet Publicity (WILEY)

  • Publicity on the Internet (WILEY)


Awards and Recognition

  • Best Writing Books of 2019 - The Writer - for Set the Page On Fire: Secrets of Successful Writers (New World Library, 2019)
  • The Tenagra Award for Internet Marketing Excellence - for Publicity on the Internet and companion website.