Meg Ray is a Teacher in Residence at Cornell Tech. Meg is responsible for the implementation and design of the Teacher in Residence program, a coaching program for K-8 CS teachers in New York City schools. Meg served as a writer for the Computer Science Teachers Association K-12 CS Standards and the CSTA/ISTE Computer Science Educator Standards. She was a special advisor to the K12 CS Framework. She is an experienced high school computer science teacher and special educator. She is a graduate-level instructor and field supervisor in the School of Special Education at Hunter College. Previously, Meg directed the design of an online middle school programming course for Codesters. She researches CS teacher training as well as access to CS instruction for students with disabilities. Her work is published in academic journals and conference proceedings. Meg is the author of the forthcoming book Code this Game! published by Odd Dot (an imprint of Macmillan). https://www.odddot.com/code-this-game

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