I am a writing polymath with professional specialization in the Business & Economics classification, which is also referred to as the Business & Technology segment. Specifically, I write about careers, work-life balance, job search, and recruitment. I keep the lights on by writing résumés, LinkedIn profiles, executive bios, and cover letters through my own firms Questory and VenatiQuest.

For pleasure, I write haiku and poetry. I might be pretty good. A poetry professor recommended a career in poetry, assuring me that I had what it takes to make a full living at it. Of course, the artist in me would normally fear or doubt that level of success.

I sure would love to see that happen! Once I turned 50, I decided that I had to cut some time out for more creative projects. We will see where those might lead.

For now, my writing portfolio includes technology website content, internal corporate communications, press releases, and official letters. My contributions to white papers spans every major sector, and I love any project with a very specific aim in mind. This includes columns on topics such as relocating for a job or on new time management research. My executive bios are almost always written with an audience in mind. Some clients need one for a conference. Others need one for a certain place online.

When it comes to specific products and services, I am exceptional at crafting winning business development content for customer-facing webpages.

Over my lifespan, property management and real estate exposures have allowed me to assist real estate agents, landlord-tenant writers, and related third party vendors in crafting copy and content. A final area of interest is safety. From fire to crime and from injury prevention to worksite checklists, I am knowledgeable from my own personal and professional experiences.

Like the guy in the movie 'Her,' I also write letters. Some save marriages, some land jobs.

People count on me for specific writing aims. They also call when the situation needs a resolution. Sometimes, that requires the same kind of discovery process that leads to the right cover letter for a specific job. In all writing situations that bring my clients and customers success, listening is the key factor. If I didn't listen well, I wouldn't be able to stand by my work. It resonates with the beholder and the audience, and it gets the job done.

Awards and Recognition

  • Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)
  • Franco-American Heritage Award for the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (1990).