Dave DeFinis is crossing yet another thing off his bucket list. After working as an auto body shop owner for 40 years, Dave, along with his co-author Lynette Landing, wrote his debut novel The Tip. From inside his dusty shop on a busy corner in Northeast Philadelphia, Dave has a unique window into the lives of the blue-collar families around him. Servicing generation after generation, Dave meets his customers in the emotionally charged moments after a car wreck and sees them through to the paperwork that follows. Like a good bartender, he has become a master at using small talk and humor to walk his customers through their crises. Dave has taken his life-long education in the lives, habits, and aspirations of his fellow Philadelphians and poured it into the complex characters of The Tip. Wondering what else was on his bucket list? In addition to writing, Dave has mastered wine- making, bee-keeping, and eating his way through Italy with his best friend, his wife of 38 years.

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