Wendy Bowen was a private equity investment banker and, as a result, was the ultimate Type A, workaholic, overachiever, and control-freak until she had a life-changing encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ. Since then, the Lord called Wendy to give away all of her possessions and live by faith, prayer, and obedience to His voice. Now, she lives for the purpose of proclaiming the Gospel to all nations and building up the Church to maturity so that every follower of Jesus is fully equipped to fulfill their Kingdom purpose. Her teachings are deeply rooted in the Scriptures, and her ministry helps believers experience the presence and power of Jesus through the Holy Spirit and through miracles, signs, and wonders.

Other Works

  • The 2 End-Times Wars for the Jewish People

  • Biblical Healing

  • Paul's Prayers

  • ACTS: Activating the Church with the True Gospel and Spiritual Power

  • Activate: Spiritual Exercises to Engage with God and Become the Church of Acts