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  • Golden Reel, Telly Award, Gold Award, MarCom, Silver Davey, Insight Award, Gold Award WorldFest Houston, The Communicator Awards, The Vision Awards, Best Take Award, Silver Award- Cindy Competition Screenings: XII International Festival of Ethnographic Films. The Archaeology Channel Intern. Film & Video Festival. Georgetown Independent Film Festival. Ojai Film Festival, CA. DC Independent Film Festival New York Independent Film & Video Festival. Crested Butte Reel Fest DC Independent Film Festival. Rosebud Film & Video Festival. Rhode Island Intern. Film Festival. Rochester Intern. Film Festival. Series at the Midnight Special, Santa Monica. United Nations Film Festival. Vermont Intern. Film Festival. Flagstaff Intern. Film Festival. Tulipanes Latino Art & Film Festival. Chicago Latino Cinema Festival. Selected for Screening, San Antonio Cine Festival. Columbus Intern. Film & Video Festival. Honorable Mention, Cindy Competition.

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