Born in 1960. Fifth grade education in Ohio and moved to Penn. 7th Grade education in Penn. moved to N. Carolina. Senior in College NCSU then joined. Marine Corp service, communication honorable. Signed Contracts, Attained Associate Degree Durham Technical Community College. First Marriage, Roman Catholic, Confirmed in Church, Finished Bachelor Thomas Edison State University prior to Dec 21 2015 called Thomas A. Edison State College. Professional Certification International Society of Automation. Started Geneaology Research 2000. First Book was Family Book. Then Lists of Saints Books, Then Vitae Life of Saint Books. Full Knighthood Granted 2005. Learned Arms of House of Starr. Divorce final 2015. One daughter first marriage, now 26. Courting various Ladies. Continued Writing, Writing becomes more important than advertising or marketing. Spent about 25,000 in advertising. Bankrupcy during Divorce. Institutions violate the law loaning more money than they can afford. Court Trial, Declared not Guilty. Arms in full swing, moved to Tennessee 2005, Eight years, consultant Engineer Ammo Base. Intelligence and Army Aid X-Marines. In Vatican Mercy Sunday 2011, during Beatification Ceremony of Now Saint Pope John Paul II conducted By Pope Benedict 16th. Continued to Write, Expanded into Poetry, Art Books, Technical Literature based on my Controls Engineering. Advertising curtailed to see if books sell. Not enough exposure. Considering books are from only target audiences advertising not effective. Found Fiancee after divorce who helped with divorce, seems her child is also mine. Living still, made it to 57 years old.

Other Works