I am the author of 35 works of fiction and nonfiction, most notably Wolfen, the Hunger, Warday, Communion and Superstorm. All four of these books were made into films, Superstorm under the title the Day After Tomorrow. Most recently, I have published a work of nonfiction on high strangeness events called Super Natural: a New Vision of the Unexplained. This was written with Rice University religion professor Jeffrey Kripal, and re-envisions the entire category of event collectively called "the paranormal."

The SyFy Channel is running a series called "Hunters" based on my Alien Hunter novel series. There are so far three books in the series: Alien Hunter, Alien Hunter: Underworld and Alien Hunter: the White House. "Hunters" first season will run for 13 episodes from April, 2016

Since I published Communion, about contacts of an unusual nature, in 1987, I have been embroiled in controversy. While the book states, in contemplating these events, that "the human mind winks back from the dark," it was universally assumed to be a narrative about encounters with aliens. It may indeed have been about that, but that book and my subsequent nonfiction about further encounters are primarily about the true relationship between the human mind and the largely unknown universe in which we live. They amount to an assertion that the mind is not contained by the body, and indeed might not even have originated there.

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