Stuck in a fantasy world
Because who wants to read about reality?
Come have an adventure with me<3

Fantasy & Sci-Fi Author | Script Writer for Webcomics and Video Games
Mythrill Author | Webtoon Writer
Member of the Independent Author Network

Other Works

  • The Zodiac Chronicles


Awards and Recognition

  • Fictionate Writer's Group Competition: Calliope, 2nd place
  • “An excellent read for lovers of the fantasy genre! Very descriptive and almost impossible to put down, an easy read that lets you in to the world of Calliope. If this is any indicator of what the author is capable of as a writer, I am surely looking forward to her next exciting work.”
  • “Through an exciting narrative full of friendship and betrayal, magic and mortal will [Kay] takes you on a journey that is sure to let your imagination loose while also reminding us of the inherent beauty of human nature.”