Cheli Grace is a 6X International Author with Wiley, Media Personality, Business + Leadership Growth Strategist. She is the leading expert in professional book coaching and works with Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Service Based Businesses in aligning their book with their business and brand. She provides a white-glove service to her clients that goes from book idea to published work. Her core clients are busy professionals, business owners and industry leaders who want to take their message to the next level and make a change in the world, leaving a legacy.
She is a life-long educator, former teacher, and school principal who self-published a book to help parents understand school choice. An advocate for making the world a better place and leaving a legacy her passion turned this book into a 7-figure business and a 6X International Publishing Contract with Wiley.
She is the Founder of the Book to Millions Program™ and the Co-Owner of Delian Origin Publishers. Her Book to Millions™ program attracts business owners and industry experts who want to have a process where they are coached, and have writing assistance as they publish their books with ease and flow aligned to a solid business foundation that creates impact and scales their brand. She consistently works with an array of non-fiction genres that inspire, educate, and open the reader's mind. Cheli is always writing and is working on her next book.

Other Works

  • Test Talk! Understanding the Stakes and Helping Your Children Do Their Best

  • Homework Talk! The Art of Effective Communication About Your Child's HOmework

  • Teacher Talk! The Art of Effective Communication

  • Parent Talk! The Art of Effective Communication with the School and Your Child

  • Principal Talk! The Art of Effective Communication in Successful School Leadership

  • School Board Talk! The Art of Effective Communication