Gregg Kervill studied Applied Physics and Electronics, he then completed a three-year Diploma in Industrial Management, this was a forerunner of the MBA.

In his early career, Gregg designed electronic products for industrial control, consumer, space and military applications. During his later career he focused on technical and design compliance management: was accepted as a Design Verification Engineer by Canadian Standards Association (CSA). This allowed him to test and approve products to CSA Safety Standards and authorize application of the CSA safety logo independent of CSA.

In 1993 he created and developed GK Consultants Ltd., which has held a web presence since 1993 (as www.GKCL.com). Through GKCL, Gregg has advised the governments of the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Hong Kong and in engineering development and training. When Slovenia joined the EU Gregg reviewed their laboratory capability with EU requirements. His report was one of the milestones necessary for Slovenia’s acceptance into the EU.

Gregg has been a registered consultant with the European Union; he performed contract projects with NIST and the Consumer Electronics Association. He was one of 19 consultants appointed to Virginia Governor (Mark) Warner’s VALET program. He was a member of the planning and strategy committee of the City of Austin, Texas.
In 1995, Gregg created the first CDROM computer-based training program on Electrical Safety. In 2001, he designed the examination for the International Association for Radio, and Telecommunications Engineers (NARTE) Product Safety Certification program. He wrote and published an examination guide, which has been translated into Japanese.

During his fiftieth year, Gregg discovered that he suffered with dyslexia.
“Dyslexia is a strange bedfellow – on one hand it can destroy your life: then on the other, it provides creativity: the ability to process thoughts as images, and to process problems 20 times faster than ‘normal’ people; it provides huge benefits that cannot be taught.”

Gregg has lectured on three continents, has presented papers at many international conferences, published about 20 books and numerous articles on regulatory compliance and product safety engineering.

Other Works

Awards and Recognition

  • 2004 "Heptode Award" by National Association of Radio and Telecommunication Engineers (NARTE)
  • 2005 Gold Medal for Literature "Gregg goes on the Piste" Johnston County Senior Games
  • 2006 Gold Medal for Literature "Living with Dyslexia" Johnston County Senior Games