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My father, grandfather, great grandfather were all born in Pikeville, Kentucky. Living with and knowing well the McCoy family character, habits and thought processes of these mountain people whose direct family were the McCoy’s that were the family that started the famous feud between the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s gives me a better insight as to how these people lived, their traits, morals and family honor affected the way they lived and carried out their lives. I am now attempting to put that knowledge to good use in my writing. I have started a book series named The McCoy’s: Before the Feud, which is why I have joined this group. Genre is western or historical fiction. I really enjoy putting together these stories, finding the information needed for them and using my imagination.
I like to read suspense, mystery, old west westerns, spy thrillers, drama and some crime. Occasionally I'll read a romance with a western theme. Authors I like are Westerns; Ralph Compton, Don Wright, Louis L'Amour. Crime/ thrillers, suspense; John Grisham, James Patterson, Jo Nesbo, and J.A. Jance. I've recently read some David Baldacci and a couple of Robyn Carr.
A little about my history:
Born: 8-15-1958; I grew up in Southern Calif. (Covina) 6ft. tall 185lbs.
U.S. Army Veteran, 3 years, Stationed in Ft. Hood, Texas and Fulda, Germany. Left the military with an honorable discharge.
Studied Bus. Admin. At U.S.I.U. (United States International University)
San Diego, CA. had a full scholarship for playing baseball.
AA degree, (Bus.Admin.Major) from MSAC (Mount San Antonio College) Walnut, CA. (I took creative writing)
Played baseball in Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, France, Italy, Sicily, Austria.
15 seasons in European Professional baseball- I wrote a book about baseball, never tried to publish it.
One season in France- not a good experience, bad people administrating the team and the French weren't very friendly.
One season in Austria- Good experience- played and coached in Graz, Steinbrun, and Vienna.
13 season’s professional baseball in Italy – Manager/Player coach/Player/Director of youth development. They still want me to come back. Most of my career I was in Milan. I went to almost every city and played and coached in most of them, as the teams would travel all over Italy for games. Beautiful place and people. I married an Italian woman, family from southern Italy, we have no children.
Sky television baseball game commentator in Italy - game of the week, play-offs, World Series.
Worked as houseware's product representative at international shows and fairs, Italian companies- going to some of the largest houseware's shows in the world- Milan, England, Chicago, Florida. I represented three different companies and their products.
I would have stayed and lived in Italy had my mother not pleaded with me to come home and take over the family business as my father had had a couple of heart attacks and she was afraid he'd kill himself working the business. So my wife and I came back and I have been doing it ever since. My father just passed this last July and I'm left to make sure mom has an income. I'd much rather be doing baseball or writing for a living. If this works out I'll stop doing the family business, I don't like it, but I'm good at it and know what I'm doing, just don't want to keep doing it.
I enjoy fishing, boating, especially in salt water, love the ocean. My most memorable trip was when I went on an 18 day long range deep sea fishing charter trip, off Baja Mexico 500 miles off the coast of Cabo San Lucas. (Was Great).
I also like to travel. I've been to the Canary Islands, Bahama's, Hungary, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, Sardegna a big island of Italy, Hawaii (Kona, Hilo and Honolulu), Cabo San Lucas, Baja Mexico. These are places I've went to on Vacation not living or working there. (Playing / coaching baseball was working). I've been to visit many of the states in the U.S..
As for music I enjoy Lionel Richie, Adelle (I think it's spelled this way), 70's classics, I don't like rap.
I go to the gym when I can on a regular basis and my wife is a Zumba instructor whose family is all still in Italy.

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