Model Trade Book Contract



    1. No advertising shall appear in Publisher's hardcover, paperback, or audio editions of the Work, except Publisher or its licensees may publish a listing of Author's other titles, and with respect to any paperback or audio edition of the Work, Publisher or its licensees may publish their own "house ads."

    1. Subject to Subsection 25(a) above, Publisher may place or authorize third parties to place advertising in association with the electronic display of pages or excerpts from the Work (including, without limitation, online search and discovery programs such as Google Book Search and Amazon's Search Inside the Book) and other delivery of the Work in digital formats. However, Publisher will, to the extent possible, disable or disallow such advertising upon Author's written request (including email).  If Publisher receives any revenue from advertising, such revenue shall be equally split with Author.

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The Authors Guild believes that you are entitled to the integrity of your work and reputation; as such, the publisher should not be allowed to include advertisements for other books, products, or services in your book without your consent. An explicit prohibition from the placement of advertising can be substituted by restrictions on the publisher's ability to make substantial changes to your work without your permission. However, an express promise by the publisher—as opposed to relying on the tacit meaning of other clauses—to not put advertising in your book works to your greater advantage.