Translator Book Contract



The Publisher agrees to publish the Translation within 12 (twelve) months of acceptance of the manuscript.

(a) Should the Publisher fail to publish or cause publication of the Translation within this time period, the Translator may notify the Publisher demanding publication of the Translation. If publication still has not occurred 6 (six) months following the Publisher's receipt of said notice from the Translator, the Translator may terminate this agreement and retain any advance payments with no further obligation.

(b) The Translator will provide written notice to the Publisher upon the exercise of either of the above options.

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Always make sure your contract states the period within which the publisher must publish the translation. We consider 12 to 18 months after acceptance to be ideal. The publisher's failure to publish within this time frame—unless excused by circumstances beyond its control, such as wars, floods, etc.— should terminate the contract and revert rights to you, with you retaining all monies previously paid.