Carole was born and raised in Glasgow, Scotland, which explains her inherent cheekiness and her sophisticated sarcasm gene. In the late seventies, the Barrowmans immigrated to America where Carole made a career out of her passions: reading, writing, and teaching.

Carole is a professor of English and Director of Creative Studies in Writing at Alverno College in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where, among other things, she teaches a seminar on the art of the mystery and a course on the future in film and fiction. Carole has written six books in collaboration with her brother, John Barrowman, including a middle grade fantasy series, HOLLOW EARTH (Simon & Schuster), EXODUS CODE (BBC Books) and ANYTHING GOES (O'Mara Books).

Carole's crime fiction column runs every third Sunday in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and her reviews run regularly in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. She's also regular contributor on books to WTMJ4's The Morning Blend (Milwaukee’s NBC affiliate) and an occasional co-host. Carole's essay "Time is Relative" is part of the HUGO winning anthology "Chicks Dig Time Lords."


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