Miriam Artiles Posada was born in Santa Clara , Cuba ..emigrated to the United States in 1955 and later moved to Puerto Rico in 1961. In Puerto Rico , she obtained her BA in the University of Puerto Rico . She later completed her post graduate degrees at the University of Connecticut. Miriam is presently a retired educator . Her tenure in education includes teaching positions in Puerto Rico , Virgin Islands and Connecticut . She also held administrative positions as a program coordinator, school principal and director of instruction. She now resides in Puerto Rico where she spends time reading , traveling and writing . In 2023 she published her first book The Magical Sofrito a dual language story for preteen children . She continues to write children’s book and poetry for adults . One of her passions is the close link she holds with most of her former students with whom she keeps very close communication .

Other Works

  • The Magical Sofrito