I am a veteran educator with over 20 years of teaching experience including 17 years in AP Human Geography, AP European History, and Dual-Enrollment US History. I excel at motivating students to pursue learning as a life-long goal. I also hold teaching certifications in English and Science. I am an international speaker on various topics related to curriculum and instruction including two lessons I designed and developed- "The Things They Carried: A Refugee Project," and "SOLD: Using Literature to Combat Human Trafficking."

I also speak on my own personal research (The Orlando Plan), and have written a book on this topic titled "Mighty Woman With A Torch" which has a publication date of Summer 2024. I have written an article for The Orlando History Center's monthly journal on The Orlando Plan- The Orlando Plan: African Americans Saving Volos; Reflections From Central Florida Spring 2020, Vol 18, No. 1.

I have written one non-academic article for the MG Car Club publication, The Sacred Octagon. The article is titled "My Father, John Camichos," and was published in The Sacred Octagon October 2020 Vol. 58, No. 10 Issue 684.