Venezuela. Author of the novels "Minerva" (Pre-Textos 2023); "Los días animales" (OT 2016; International Latino Book Awards for Best Novel in Spanish 2018), "The Animal Days" (Katakana Editores, 2021; translated by Robin Myers; International Latino Book Award for Best Novel Honorable Mention 2023); the short story books "Ana no duerme" (MonteAvila Editores, 2007), finalist as Best Fiction Book in National Short Story Awards (Venezuela, 2006), "Ana no duerme y otros cuentos" (Sudaquia Editores, 2016), and "Enero es el mes más largo" (Sudaquia Editores, 2021; International Latino Book Award Honorable Mention 2023). She has published the poetry books "Viaje legado" (Bid& Co, 2016) and "Perseo en si Bemol" (Valparaíso Editores, 2023; Finalist Paz Prize for Poetry 2022), and the chronicles book "El día en que Corre Lola Corre dejó sin aire a Murakami" (Suburbano Editores, 2022). Editor of the anthologies "102 Poetas Jamming" (OT, 2014) and "Between the Breath and the Abyss: Poetics on Beauty" (In Press). BA in Anthropology (UCV), MA in Political Science (USB), MFA in Creative Writing (NYU), and MA in Hispanic Cultural Studies (Columbia University). She teaches four creative writing workshops a year called “PuroInvento”, either independently or hosted by a local organization, in person or online, works as a literary translator and collaborates with literary magazines and newspapers.

Other Works

  • Perseo en Si Bemol

  • El día en que Corre Lola Corre dejó sin aire a Murakami

  • The Animal Days

  • Enero es el mes más largo

  • Los días animales

  • Ana no duerme y otros cuentos

  • Viaje legado