The award winning "The Carnation Street Life Estate" is John T. Ahern's debut novel. His experiences as a student at the University of California, Irvine along with living in Newport Beach provided the setting. While attending UCI, John met his future bride, Lynn. They have been married for over forty-five years and now enjoy their grandchildren together.

After John's retirement from his thirty-five year teaching career, his life was suddenly at risk. Lurking in his house were his recliner, television and the worst of all his refrigerator. He had to escape their clutches. So, he took a part time job delivering packages for a company very similar to the one in his book. Physically, he recovered but mentally he was still at risk. Hence his first literary project. He found it to be much more labor intensive than his two articles published in The Coaches Alliance. Articles related to his cross country and track coaching career. Yes, he was a teacher/coach. But as mentioned by one of his administrators he was one of the few that was also a Teacher of the Year.

During his classroom career, John repeated the oft shared advice that his students should write about what they know. Now to be clear, "The Carnation Street Life Estate" is not a memoir. John is not Frank. Instead John drew upon his time as a teacher, coach and delivery driver. He also became quite familiar with life estates over the last ten years. The combination of these experiences contributed to the suspense of his first literary venture. But this venture was not merely about suspense.

One needs to refer back to UCI, while competing collegiately John's spiritual awakening happened. A Christian organization called Athletes in Action trained at the school and he was invited to one of their Bible studies. Like many Catholic boys, John had been trained up but not in scripture. The Word of God was eye opening, and John accepted Christ as his savior fifty years ago.

The retirement death traps still lurk around John's house. But with the support of the Lord, Lynn, family, and friends he keeps physically and mentally dodging those traps.

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