Dr. Martha Libster, Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing, is an international expert in the practice of nurse-herbalism, integrative nursing, and botanical self-care. Supported by award-winning historical research, translational botanical science expertise, and collaborations with nurses and indigenous leaders internationally, Dr. Libster’s work advancing the practice of the science and art of nurse-herbalism has been disseminated on five continents. She has designed and published three practice models on integrative nursing, health culture diplomacy, and precision botanical self-care that have contributed to global health transformation, policy reforms, and wellness innovations. Dr. Libster is the author of 11 books including Precision Nursing Science (2022), Precision Self-care for Nurses: The Elements of Care Program for Beating Burnout (2022), and Herbal Diplomats, which documents a lost history of 19th century American nurses’ leadership during a nationwide healthcare reform movement focused on botanical self-care. Her pursuit of knowledge of the nature of the relationship between humans and plants led to translation of hundreds of botanical studies and traditional/historical evidence to nursing practice. Today, Dr. Libster’s practice and research demonstrate that nurses’ historical leadership in the creation of healing environments with plants and other elements are well-positioned to address current concerns about climate change. Through her nurse-led Self-care Institute, Dr. Libster introduces her Elements of Care® program, rooted in nursing’s centuries-old practice of precision self-care with plants as partners, to the public. Her book, Gentle Medicine for Balance in Body and Peace of Mind (2020) is a complete guide to precision Self-care with plants as partners. The Bamboo Bridge international community she founded in 2006 in partnership with Sigma Theta Tau has been recognized by W.H.O. Chief Nursing Scientists and indigenous medicine leaders and continues to hold live and virtual Global Tea Houses promoting integrative care and climate change supported by health culture diplomacy. She is also an improvisational poet.

Other Works

  • Precision Nursing Science

    2022 (Color EPUB from Publisher)
  • Precision Self-Care for Nurses: The Elements of Care Program for Beating Burnout

    2022 (Color EPUB from Publisher)
  • Gentle Medicine for Balance in Body and Peace of Mind

    2020 (Color EPUB from Publisher)
  • ANA and AHNA. (2018). American Holistic Nurses Assn. Scope and Standards 3rd Ed. Contributing Author Core Values, Standards and Content on Herbs, Healing Environment, Nursing History, APRN practice, Self-care, Faith Community, and Culturally Congruent Practice.

  • Perspectives on Cultural Diplomacy (Volume 1 - Nursing)

    2015 ( EPUB from Publisher)
  • Science of Energy Flow: Foot Reflexology with Herbal Stress Relief

  • The Nurse-Herbalist: Integrative Insights for Holistic Practice

    2012 (Color EBook 2017)
  • Enlightened Charity

  • Herbal Diplomats

  • Delmar's Integrative Herb Guide for Nurses (Book and CD-Rom)

  • Demonstrating Care: The Art of Integrative Nursing


Awards and Recognition

  • Fellow American Academy of Nursing (2021)
  • 2013 Faith Andrews Research Fellowship in Shaker Culture, Winterthur Museum, Library and Gardens.
  • 2005 Lavinia Dock Award for Exemplary Historical Research and Writing – Book Publication - Herbal Diplomats - American Association for the History of Nursing.

Press and Media Mentions