Jean Ende is a former newspaper reporter and public relations director for the NYC Department of Consumer Affairs and several politicians and non-profit organizations. After years of doing PR for organizations who claimed to be working on the side of the angels, she decided to go over to the dark side and got an MBA degree from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business. Jean eventually became a VP at Citibank and then a professor in the Management Department at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY.

She's been a writer since the fourth grade when she wrote the class play so she could guarantee she'd get the lead. Now retired, she's concentrated on short stories, many of which are based on her immigrant Jewish family. Jean's stories resonate with all immigrant groups and people from insular societies who have had to adapt to a wider world. Her stories have been published in 20 print and online magazines and anthologies and recognized by major literary competitions.

Jean recently completed her first novel and is looking for a publisher/agent.

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