I am a native Angeleno born and raised here and have been here forever. I think being from L.A. has fostered within me a sense of possibilities being around the corner. Never being static, always moving not just physically but mentally. Keeping my mind constantly thinking has led me to a life as a writer. I enjoy creating new worlds with nothing but my mind and blank sheets of paper to begin with. Turning nothing into something is a challenge as well as a reward to me. Just to see what I can come up with as a writer is fun but hard work too. I write stories about people who are proactive instead of reactive. People who make things happen instead of sitting back waiting for life to happen. I like mysteries and stories that thrill and keep readers turning pages. I put my characters in trouble and then let them find their way out. I put them in mysterious so that they can learn not only more about life but also themselves. The complexity of human nature. Mornings and afternoons are for me to get my writing done. I’m more productive in the daytime. I do the majority of my writing at home but I’ve also been known to write at the library or in my car at work on my lunch break. I write for people who enjoy writing that takes them on a journey. Readers who see a protagonist as something of a tour guide. I write for readers who want to be entertained and maybe learn a thing or two about life and human nature.

Other Works

Awards and Recognition

  • I have been nominated this year for Best Fiction novel by The Distinguished Authors Guild. The winners will be announced this month (November) at an awards dinner in Las Vegas.