Barry Chubin is a novelist.
In 1984, his first book, The Feet of a Snake (Arbor House and Hodder and Stoughton, Ltd.) became an international bestseller. His second, The Thirteenth Directorate (G.P. Putnam’s Sons and Mandarin 1989), received critical acclaim, was translated into multiple languages, and published worldwide. Since then he has ghostwritten three other novels.
He is also an international consultant specializing in energy and investment risk management, as well as an alumnus of the Rand Corporation.
Having just finished a new novel, The Libyan Fable, he has embarked on another, working title, The Eagle’s Claw. He is also at work, as he has been now for over a decade, on a nonfiction account of the Iranian Revolution, tentatively titled, “A Portrait of Seven Traitors.”
Educated in England before attending university in the United Sates, culminating in a MSc. from Northwestern University, he was an accomplished athlete who went on to become one of the late Shah of Iran's speechwriters while working in the petroleum industry. This was during the turbulent era in which oil became both a weapon of international conflict and a commodity. As a member of the Iranian Government's Select Negotiating Team, he was involved in OPEC affairs and negotiating contracts with the consortium of international oil companies that initially established Iran’s oil industry.
He was also a member of the Prime Minister's Advisory Board, The National Energy Committee and, after he resigned to enter the private sector, a member of the board and director of marketing of one of the country's most prestigious oil engineering and contracting companies.