Deborah Larsen is Professor Emerita at Gettysburg College where she taught writing in several genres; she also held the Merle S. Boyer Chair in Poetry. She has been a Wallace Stegner Fellow in Writing at Stanford and was in residence at Yale as the annual Wallace Stevens Fellow.
Deborah has completed a screenplay version of her published historical novel (The White/Knopf). A memoir, The Tulip and the Pope, was also published by Knopf. She has retained the film rights to both books. New Directions published her book-length sequence of poems, Stitching Porcelain. Her poems and short stories have appeared in The Nation, The Yale Review, The Quarterly, Oxford Review, and The New Yorker, among other publications.
She currently lives with her husband near Madera Canyon in Arizona. She has just completed a novel set in the Southwest borderlands.

Other Works

  • The Crossings

  • The White

  • Stitching Porcelain: After Matteo Ricci in Sixteenth-Century China