Patrick Dunleavy is the author of “The Fertile Soil of Jihad - Terrorism’s Prison Connection” (Potomac Books) and has written extensively on the subject of counter terrorism for various news organizations including the Washington Times and the New York Post.
He is is the former Deputy Inspector General for the New York State
Department of Correctional Services having completed a 26 year career in the New York State Criminal Justice System, beginning as a corrections officer and rising through the ranks to become the head of the Criminal Intelligence Division. Throughout his career Patrick has worked various assignments from Field Investigations to Critical Incident Management. He has worked extensively in undercover assignments, was a member of an emergency response (SWAT) team, and was a trained hostage negotiator.
He has extensive experience in the fields of intelligence and information sharing.
A visionary, in 1988 he drafted a proposal for his agency to automate its data collection systems in the areas of intelligence gathering and criminal investigations. He was involved in the implementation and design of the systems that are used today by law enforcement agencies in criminal and counter terrorism investigations.
In 2011 he testified as an expert witness before the House Committee on Homeland Security regarding the threat of Islamic Radicalization in the U.S. Prison System.
Patrick has also been a speaker at numerous Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies and Seminars including the FBI Academy , the CIA Terrorist Threat Integration Center,
Scotland Yard, the Canadian Intelligence Services, and the Toronto Metropolitan Police Department.
In 2012 he served as a consultant for the International Association of Chiefs of Police and the FBI for the National Data Exchange Program.
He currently teaches a class on terrorism for the United States Military’s Special Operations School entitled “Dynamics of International Terrorism”
Born and raised in New York City, he now resides in the Pacific Northwest.

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