With a profound passion for photography, filmmaking, journalism, and media training, I have dedicated my career to harnessing the transformative power of art and cultural initiatives to drive positive change within communities. My unwavering belief in the potential of imagery to inspire societal shifts has guided my journey since graduating from the Faculty of Arts with a degree in Media and Communication Science, specializing in Journalism, in 2008.

My professional journey has been a tapestry of diverse endeavors, ranging from journalism and art to cultural project management. This rich blend of experiences has shaped my holistic approach to storytelling and community engagement. In 2008, I ventured into the world of filmmaking, receiving a grant from the Egyptian Film Center to bring my first short documentary film, "The Smell of the City," to life. This marked the beginning of my exploration into the captivating realm of visual narratives.

From August 2012 to March 2017, I served as a Multimedia Officer at Aswat Masriya, a nonprofit news website under the Thomson Reuters Foundation. In this capacity, I orchestrated the creation of multimedia content that delved into Egypt's intricate social and cultural fabric. Notably, I led a team of interns and stringers who tirelessly captured stories from every corner of the country. This role also provided a platform for me to share my expertise through training initiatives, nurturing the next generation of multimedia storytellers.

Subsequently, I embraced the role of a Media Officer at Tadamon - The Egyptian Refugee Multicultural Council. Here, I directed my energies toward empowering and advocating for the refugee community through the strategic use of media. My responsibilities spanned media training, facilitating collaborations with other institutions, and amplifying the organization's projects to a wider audience.

My accomplishments have been recognized both near and far, with a series of prestigious awards in photography, filmmaking, and essay writing. Among these accolades, the UNESCO "Words of Tolerance" Photo Contest Prize in 2016 and the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Conference Photo Contest in 2016 stand out as profound validations of my commitment to fostering understanding and empathy through visual narratives.

Building on my foundation of experiences, I embarked on a new chapter as a Master's student at Ohio University in January 2022. Here, I am pursuing a degree in Communication and Development, deepening my understanding of how effective communication strategies can drive sustainable social progress.


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