Rena Aliston was born in Washington, Pennsylvania. The daughter of a musician and crafter, she grew up in a creative environment, which sparked her imagination and love of the arts.

Previously writing under the name Ofira Sephiroth, Rena is the author of four poetry books – Unspeakable Truths, Volume 1: Damnation Begins; Unspeakable Truths, Volume 2: Baptism By Blood; Versified Darkness and Versified Delusions.

She was first published in 2006 when two of her poems (The Eternal, Part 1: The Renderer and The Eternal, Part 2: The Surrender) were published in The Velvet Paradox, the second Dark Poetry Anthology by Jonathan Martin.

Rena also writes micro-fiction, flash fiction, and short stories. Residing in Louisville, Kentucky, she is also a small business-owner and independent electronic music artist.

When not being creative, she enjoys gardening, archery and spending time with her family. Rena’s new book of poetry, Shadows and Mirrors will be released August 18, 2023.

Other Works

  • Versified Delusions

  • Baptism By Blood

  • Versified Darkness

  • Damnation Begins