Geoffrey Fox is an American fiction writer and essayist based in New York City and Carboneras, Almeria, Spain. His latest book is RABBLE! a novel about the Paris Commune and revolutionary aspirations and frustrations (Troubador, UK, 2021). His previous novel, A GIFT FOR THE SULTAN, was likewise about a major sociological issue, the complicity and antagonism between divergent cultures struggling over the same space, focusing on Ottomans and the Greek Orthodox subjects of Constantinople in 1402. His nonfiction includes the study HISPANIC NATION: Culture, Politics and the Construction of Identity (1998) and essays on diverse aspects of culture and society in Latin America and other areas. His short story collection, WELCOME TO MY CONTRI, was described in the New York Times Book Review as a “frequently powerful collection of short stories” of Latin America that “leaves us thoroughly wrung out — and aware that we are in the presence of a formidable new writer.”

Other Works

  • Hispanic Nation: Culture, Politics, and the Constructing of Identity

  • The Land and People of Venezuela

  • The Land and People of Argentina

  • Welcome to My Contri