Bonnie J. Fladung specializes in writing about nature, travel and adventure. She combines her love of literature with a passion for traveling to remote places. She is the founder of Feather Star Press, a platform that combines art and storytelling to create beautiful books for readers of all ages. She lives with her husband in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire.

A former high tech marketing executive, Bonnie is now following her lifelong passion for writing tales of heroism and exploits that stretch the bounds of the imagination. In collaboration with explorers, adventurers and conservationists, she brings to life real stories about real people with all their glories and flaws, disappointments and triumphs. Stories that will inspire you and break your heart.

Other Works

  • The Elephant's Euphonium: A Little Tusker's Adventures in Africa

  • The XLISP Primer


Awards and Recognition

  • The Elephant's Euphonium: "New Hampshire Literary Award Finalist for Outstanding Work of Children's Literature"
  • When Eagles Roar: "One of the Best Wildlife Books of All Time" - BookAuthority
  • When Eagles Roar: "One of the Best Books About or Featuring Birds" - BookScrolling
  • When Eagles Roar: "Best Winter Trips, What to Read Before You Go" - National Geographic
  • When Eagles Roar: "One of the Best Nature Books of 2014" - The Guardian
  • When Eagles Roar: "Book of the Year" - Birder's Library