McKinley Aspen is a writer who lives in the Southern United States. In addition to the normal family shenanigans, McKinley has a busy schedule as "Chief Dog Walker" to Otis the puppy dog.

A graduate of both University of Chicago and Elmhurst University, McKinley enjoys exporing the world through family road trips, meals featuring Portillo's Beef with mozz (that's mozzarella in case you didn't know), and St. Louis Cardinals baseball.

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Other Works

  • COGITATIO: Shadows in the Wind Book Two

    August 8, 2023

Awards and Recognition

  • The BREW Award - 1st Place URBAN FICTION 2023 (Based in Australia, the BREW Book Excellence Award recognises exemplary literary pieces from all over the world.)
  • ILLUMINATION AWARDS - 1st Place (GOLD MEDAL) FICTION 2022 (Special honor highlighted in the "enduring light" category as a book that is timeless.)
  • FIREBIRD AWARDS - 1st Place across multiple categories: ACTION ADVENTURE, MYSTERY, URBAN FANTASY, and BEST COVER DESIGN 2022
  • ************************************************************** KIRKUS REVIEW (excerpt): A brisk, entertaining, tale of down-to-earth superheroes. **************************************************************