BIO: Ray Anderson -- Hingham, Massachusetts -- USA

I started my writing career after I retired. The day I retired I began a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. A few years later, I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail and then the Continental Divide Trail. Not having anything particular to add to the many fine non-fiction accounts, I decided to write a hiking-thriller for each trail. I put bad people out there!

"The Trail," from Turner Publishing, (2015) was my debut novel, and took place along the Appalachian Trail. My second thriller, "Sierra," (2016) takes place along the Pacific Crest Trail. The third novel, "The Divide," released in 2020 and takes place along the Continental Divide Trail, primarily in the Rocky Mountains.

My first Sci-fi novel, LIFT: The Rise of Mathe-Lingua-Musica, releases in May 2024.

I’m married, live near Boston, and have three children who are leading busy lives of their own. Happy to say that my wife, Nancy, has stood by me all the way.


Other Works

  • The Divide

  • Sierra

  • The Trail