JED LINDE just published URANIUM MINE And OTHER STORIES in ebook and softback.
Having retired after a forty-year counseling and psychotherapy career in Salinas, California, Jed returned to writing in 2015.
Fifty years ago, he edited and published a quarterly, English-Spanish literary journal, Maguey (mah-gay), subtitled, A Bridge between Worlds. Around that time, his articles, short stories, and poems were published in various journals, magazines, and anthologies.
Before that, he worked as the film and theater critic (with the nom de plume of Eric Lang) for The News, the English-language newspaper in Mexico City, besides having a TV column, and doing feature articles, deskwork, and reporting for the paper. He also worked as a foreign correspondent for a wire service and Time magazine.
Returning to the US in 1967, he and his wife practiced with the Zen master Shunryu Suzuki Roshi until his passing in December 1971. They left the organization in 1976. Jed began his professional mental health career the same year.
He lives in Salinas with his wife of 63 years, Maria Esther.

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