Ivan Obolensky grew up in high society, often regaled with the mystical ghost stories and fantastic intrigue of his aristocratic and trailblazing ancestors. These tales inspired him at an early age and colored the formation and background of his award-winning debut novel, "Eye of the Moon", and its sequel, "Shadow of the Son".

Some elements from his life, and his visits to "Rhinebeck" as a child, influenced the novels in unexpected ways.

Educated in the US and England, Ivan's roots in writing were poetry, nonfiction, and short fiction. His first short stories featured the main characters from "Eye of the Moon", Johnny and Percy, in the escapades of their youth.

Ivan's insatiable curiosity has led him on a lifelong path of self-study in diverse subjects. From 2011-2018, he wrote articles on the social sciences, which are translated into Latin American Spanish and published online. He has credited his work in nonfiction as critical in developing his skills of weaving diverse subjects together into one good tale.

Ivan enjoys photography, reading, music, and riding his motorcycle.

Other Works

  • A la sombra del hijo

  • Shadow of the Son

  • El ojo de la luna