I am first generation Puerto Rican with African roots. I started writing back in 2007 as a way to deal with my father's passing. That manuscript took me ten years to complete. The reason it took so long was that I wanted to write this novel as an homage to my dad but wanted to improve my writing before publishing.

During that ten year gap, I self-published three novels: Two psychological thrillers (A Sinner's Ride and Divergent Lives) and one science fiction novel (Cradle of Chaos). With each published piece, I got better at writing.

Currently, I am working on the second novel in my series Resurrection of Dead Dreams. The first book introduces a clan involving supernatural beings, and a hybrid child, Mica, who is one of half human/half Avian twins. Mica is destined to become the Sentient Queen of this group. However, there are many twists and turns before she gets to that point all while her evil, shapeshifting twin, Acima, is passing herself off as Mica to all who know her after an explosion takes place at Mica's place of business.

I am also a contributor at Medium.com. Check out my writing at medium.com/lahongrais and if so inclined, subscribe to my page.

Other Works

  • Cradle of Chaos

  • A Sinner's Ride